Edimix is a post-production system dedicated to TV magazines,
integrating many advanced technical features in terms of
ergonomics, power, openness, workflow and scalability.


  • The Edimix system integrates audio recording, editing, automated mixing and direct connection with video servers
  • The Edimix integrates the necessary screens for the console, audio editor and video display.
  • The user’s operating interface is available in French and in English.
  • The advanced graphical user interface is very intuitive
  • Two editing styles are available : stylus and dedicated keys.
  • Many dedicated keys bring high ease of use and speed of operation.
  • The adjustable colors of tracks and windows allow the user to create dedicated displays.

Direct interface with video editing rooms

  • Exporting sequences from an Avid video editing station is very easy and fast :
    • Right Click on the sequence window
    • Click on Export
    • Click on OK
  • The export process from the video editor is almost immediate (less than one second), since only editing lists are exported.
  • That is no more necessary to create a video tape.

Automatic import and export of sequences in the background

  • When working with video editors or servers, the sequences are imported and exported in the background, so that the user has never to wait for a transfer to complete.
  • The sequences are automatically imported in the background. The import is very fast (averaging 15 seconds for a 4 tracks sequence of 2 minutes.)
  • The audio editing list is importeds, so it is possible to trim the audio clips, to modify transitions and crossfades.
  • The export of mixed sequences to video servers is done also in the background and in streaming mode (when using MXF and GXF formats.)

Audio Editing

  • The Edimix includes 32 simultaneous hard disk recording and editing tracks
  • Friendly high performance graphical editing Interface.
  • The logarithmic display of waveforms is more efficient than linear display, as it shows low level as well as high level waveforms.
  • The tracks display in advance the names of the audio clips, helping the sound engineer to anticipate the decisions to be made.
  • The vertical zoom allows displaying any tracks group, not necessarily adjacent.
  • Simultaneous Jog on all tracks.
  • Forward and reverse play on all tracks.
  • Multipurpose editing tool featuring very fast and intuitive stylus editing functions
  • .Real-time processing: time compression / stretch, pitch, parametric 10 bands equalizer, plug-ins, gains, fades, crossfades. Instant audio monitoring of all these effects.
  • Very smooth scrolling function, with speed proportional to the horizontal zoom, enabling as well a high precision positioning on close zooms as an ultra-fast exploration of long clips on distant zooms.
  • The dedicated track arming keys allow immediate control of recording and editing operation.



  • The screens display the bargraphs of the hidden layers, so that the user can see the level of all channels simultaneously.
  • The console is using a Full Processing technology, allowing the simultaneous processing on each channel of: trim, a high/low cut filter, 3 simultaneous dynamic sections (compressor / limiter / expander / noise gate), 10 parametric bands EQ (different from the 10 bands EQ of the Editor), panoramic and auxiliary sends.
  • The console is very friendly as the user can scroll the faders from left to right with dedicated keys allowing him to sit down at the acoustical center of the mixing room, and therefore preventing unnecessary " chair motion ".
  • The channel copy function allows fast copy of selected parameters from one slice to the other, by pushing only two keys.
  • Any fader can be the master of any group of slave faders.
  • The link function allows to link partially of fully a group of tracks.
  • The shapshots allow backup and selective recall of the configuration.
  • The configuration and automation files can be saved on USB keys.
  • Full Automation: the motorized faders, rotary controls and push buttons are automated. The faders and rotary controls are touch-sensitive to control efficiently automated recording.
  • Complete Monitoring: individual direct/return and mute for each mix group, auto-mute, dim and auto-dim.
  • The order of the effects is set separately in each channel (eg. Compressor before or after EQ, fader before or after compressor).


  • The electronic integrated routing provides smooth routing. Analog and digital inputs / outputs can be freely assigned. The routing information is saved and recalled individually for each project.



Main features of the mixing console

Main features of the multitrack recorder / editor

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