French TV France 2 - News
The two News mixing studios of the French TV France 2 are each equipped with a Publison Mix-TV system and a Publison EvereStation. They are integrated with the Media Asset Management Dalet through a custom development.
France 3 R├ędaction Nationale Workflow
Video Editing
Avid Adrenaline
Production server
Avid Unity
Studio 1
Studio 2
servers, main
and spare
Low resolution         server
      MediaSelf    Publison
Content checking
on standard PCs
Content checking and browsing
Publison imports automatically in the background the sequences from the Adrenaline
The VideoServe is playing the video files in streaming mode
The VideoServe sends the mixed sequences to the broadcast server in the background
The MediaSelf creates the low resolution version
Our systems offer a glueless integration with video production solutions. The following example illustrates how far this integration is efficient: the French television station France 3 in Paris is using two NewsMix systems connected to the News production and broadcast network. As soon as an audio-video sequence is edited on an Avid Adrenaline editing system, the sequence is automatically imported in the background in the NewsMix systems, without interruption the works in progress. The video files are never copied, as they are played directly in streaming mode from the Avid Unity server.  When the sequence is mixed, it is transferred directly to the broadcast server and to the MediaManager via a Check In operation. The resulting workflow is very fast and efficient.
The NewsMix system sends the mixed sequences to the Avid MediaManager
Check In to MediaManager
Publison Systems develops and manufactures systems for audio recording, editing and mixing at the forefront of technology, dedicated to the post production of television news, magazines and movies. These systems include fully automated mixing consoles, audio workstations and video servers.
Example of Publison systems deployment
Publison systems are installed on the site of "France 3 R├ędaction Nationale", a News broadcast station, where they allow the deployment of a very efficient and very fast workflow dedicated to the production of News and magazines programs. Subjects mounted on Avid editing stations are seamlessly integrated with Publison editing and mixing systems. After mixing they are sent to broadcast servers and converted to low resolution by the MediaSelf II system, enabling all concerned staff to browse mixed subjects.
Post captioning at a remote site in Suresnes
NewsMix Publison - Recording,
audio editing, mixing
Mix-TV systems and EvereStation Publison for French TV France 2 television News
France 2 chose a mix of quality for its newscasts: two mixing studios specially designed and equipped for this task, operated by professional mixers.
This application is deployed on Avid editing machines. It can perform exports of Avid sequences to multiple destinations and formats. We carry out developments on demand.
EvereStation HD
Audio workstation with integrated HD video track. HD SDI, SD SDI, PAL, YUV I/O. Support for professional HD formats: Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD, DVCPRO 100.
Windows Seven
Windows 7 migration of existing systems: consoles, Totalstation, EvereStation, VideoServe series.
MAM : Media Asset Management Dalet
Final Cut Pro editing
With footage on external media servers.
Mix-TV system Publison
Measurement of Loudness
According to the EBU Recommendation R128. This optional plugin allows the measurement of loudness and graphically displays the level of loudness.
Totalstation 3
For many studios that already have a basic Totalstation. Migration to a Totalstation 3 provides a power 10 times higher on Windows Seven, taking measurements of loudness, etc.
Mixing studio 1 : Mix-TV automated console and EvereStation
Mixing studio 2 : 
Mix-TV automated console and EvereStation
Export XDCAM
Direct export of mixed subjects to a XDCAM optical disc.
Export is done in the background, with a 2X or 4X speed, via a gigabit ethernet connection.
MediaSelf 2
Low resolution transcoder and server. Simultaneous creation of several resolutions. Browser deployed on standard PCs.
Remote control with a fully fledged transport of the low resolution files.
Publison Systems